Because I Love You

Expressions of love

Whether the weather…

Couldn’t wait till this weekend
So looking forward to seeing you again
But the snow won’t stop to fall
Fights are cancelled, trains are stalled
Looks like this weekend we will be miles apart
But whether it’s the weather or not
You’ll always be in my heart
Because I love you and that won’t stop.

Where You Are

I look up and around, and can’t see signs of you
Then I watch the door, hoping it you’d come through
You give off such radiant energy
That is so inspiring and uplifting
You are such a leader to me

So, when you are not here, the room feels so empty
But at least I know where you were and when you’ll be back
And I can take some solace in that

But it’s nothing like having you here
To feel your energy, your touch
To me you are so dear
Because I love you so much

I wish I could go to sleep and you be here when I wake up
More importantly, I wish you didn’t have to leave
But at least I know where you are and when you’ll be back
And I will count down to that.

Wherever you are, I wanna be

We’ve been apart too long
The thoughts of you real strong
But a thought won’t do
I need to see the real you
Hear your voice, feel your touch
I missed you so much
Wherever you are, I wanna be
I’m a do whatever it takes of me

It may be blustery outside
With the streets full of ice
Or raindrops the size of ice cubes
No weather will keep me from you
I’ll get on train, plane or bus
Or walk if I must
I’m I a fool?
No, I’m just so in love with you

And wherever you are, I wanna be
So I’m going to hurry and get ready
To start my journey
And weather, or nothing else can stop me
Because being with you makes me happy.


You, me, and the waves on the beach
Walking along, enjoying the sand under our feet
Though the waves roar and crash mightily
It’s seems like tranquility
Or is it because I ‘m so in love with you
Everything else out I tune

The waves roar and jump towards me
The sound and scenery is like therapy
Forever out here I could be
But more importantly, someone special to me
Is here to share one of life’s simple pleasantries
And that helps the love between you and me
Grow as deep as the sea.

Thousands of Miles Away

I know you have to leave me
Thank goodness it’s only temporary
Though thousands of miles apart we will be
Your picture will provide some relief
Of my being lonely
So I will look at it constantly
Until the real you again I see

I wish I could board a plane
So I could be with you everyday
But life causes us to bear some pains
One is your being thousands of miles away

So at night before I go to sleep
I will employ all technologies
And look and listen to you on the pc
Because I love you and you love me.

So Happy

I wake up feeling so ecstatically
Select what to wear carefully
Make sure shoes go with outfit and are shiny
Hair is coiffed perfectly
Breath is fresh, no food on teeth
Good smelling scent all over body
I feel important, someone’s claimed me
And love makes one so happy

As I go about getting busy
I walk down the street so confidently
My head is high and with a smile I speak
Feel like being nice to everybody
Nothing can ruin the day for me
Because at the end of it, I know I will see
The one who makes me feel like royalty
And that makes me so happy.

So Excited

I don’t even know you coming
I just heard there’s a possibility
And that’s enough to get my adrenaline running
A grin starts to form, I get so happy
Just the thought of you coming
Builds so much excitement in me

I feel like jumping up and down
Running all around town
Making roaring sounds
Love got me acting so ecstatically
Because I love you so madly

As the time draws near, when you should appear
I look for signs that you are here
Is that the color of your car, clothes you wear?
Does that look like your shape, hair?
And if the answer comes back yeah
I throw my arms up in the air
Yes, yes, I’m so excited I declare.

Blanket of Security

Feeling your skin from toe to face
As arm and body we embrace
Into sleep I easily escape
Wrapped in the love of my mate
You don’t just provide warmth for me
But a blanket of security

Always for protection and safety I say my prayers
But as for comfort, you add a second layer
Because about me I know you care
And if something was to happen you’d be right there
And since mutual care and love we share
Your problems and concerns I’ll always bear
Because I love you, and want us to stay a pair.

Pilot Light

There’s a pilot light, an eternal flame
Tucked away in my heart
Shielded from time and change
The flame will never go dark
As it represents the love spark
That will ignite even if we part

Time and circumstances bring about change
Love and excitement may start to fade
So an item of two we may not remain
As your love for me may not stay the same
But since the perfection of you can’t be replaced
Never will go out the pilot light’s flame
Because I’ll still love you each and every day.

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