One of the comforts in my life was knowing that I had someone strong to lean on
I was in awe of your strength
Not so much the strong arms that carried countless watermelons and bushels of freshly picked Michigan apples to me
But the strength to handle stress and deal with problems and adversities

When we didn’t know what to do
We’d turn to you
And you calmly faced every crisis and challenge head on
You were sooo strong

And when you couldn’t handle something ,you’d say
“All we can do is hope and pray”
You had strong, unwavering faith
That the Almighty would make a way

Sooo strong, you battled every illness that attacked your strength
But every battle must come to an end
It’s not a matter of someone lose, someone win
It’s a matter that the earth is the Lord’s and they that dwell there in (Ps 24:1)
And He decides who lives on it, and who lives with Him

I never wanted the day to come
In which I wouldn’t have your strength to draw from
But I’ll try to be strong and carry on.