Because I Love You

Expressions of love

If You Were Reflected In Me

Your lifestyle has been so exemplary
It’s what I aspire mine to be
If you were reflected in me
What most would I want people to see?

A big heart filled with compassion and generosity?
A reverence and fear for the Almighty?
A sense of justness and honesty?
A willingness to always help in need?
A lifestyle of high morals and integrity?
On goes the list of fine qualities
But which one would I want most perceived
If you were reflected in me

Kindness is what I’d want them to see
Kindness is part of all your qualities
And to God I give praise and glory
For making you so fearfully and wonderfully. (Ps 139:14)


You Give So Much

You give so much
And don’t expect anything in return
If we weren’t in the same place
You were always a phone call away
Regardless of the type of need
You always helped so unselfishly
With a demeanor so kind and sweet
While expecting nothing for your deeds

God loves a cheerful giver (2nd Co. 9:7)
You’ve proven to be a model for that
You are such a wonderful one
For a better father I couldn’t ask.


You Provided

One of your Godly qualities that stand out
Is providing for those of your own house ( I Timothy 5:8)
You saw to it we had shelter, food and clothes for school
You worked very hard with pride
For those of your house to provide

And not only materially did you provide
But you taught us ethics and morals to enrich our lives
You told us to get an education and a trade
So we wouldn’t have to depend on Public Aid
To stay away from drugs and people who will lead astray
And to look to the Almighty when we can’t find a way.

I owe God and you for what I’ve become
Now for myself I can provide
You two are such wonderful ones
And I’m grateful for the impact on my life.


Standards for Marriage

When considering a relationship or marriage
One sets standards the potential mate should meet
And you’ve provided examples
Of what some of them should be
One I consider so importantly
Is the standard not to abuse women physically
As you always treated my mother so respectfully

There’s no excuse for abuse
This, you’ve helped me to understand
Of course I’d like to marry someone like you
Cause you are such a wonderful man.

Sooo Strong


One of the comforts in my life was knowing that I had someone strong to lean on
I was in awe of your strength
Not so much the strong arms that carried countless watermelons and bushels of freshly picked Michigan apples to me
But the strength to handle stress and deal with problems and adversities

When we didn’t know what to do
We’d turn to you
And you calmly faced every crisis and challenge head on
You were sooo strong

And when you couldn’t handle something ,you’d say
“All we can do is hope and pray”
You had strong, unwavering faith
That the Almighty would make a way

Sooo strong, you battled every illness that attacked your strength
But every battle must come to an end
It’s not a matter of someone lose, someone win
It’s a matter that the earth is the Lord’s and they that dwell there in (Ps 24:1)
And He decides who lives on it, and who lives with Him

I never wanted the day to come
In which I wouldn’t have your strength to draw from
But I’ll try to be strong and carry on.

Birthday Wish

If I had one birthday wish it would be
For you to spend the day with me
Making reservations I thought it would be great
If you’d be sitting across from me as I celebrate
My birthdate

So I’m wishing you would make it a priority
To share this birthday meal with me
I just want to gaze into your face
As I feed you birthday cake
Because I love you always.

You’re My Dream

You’re caramel, chocolate and banana too
But your’re not ice cream
You’re my dream…
Come true
And I love you

You look so appealing and sweet
I wanna lick and suck as you melt into me
Absorb all your flavors and whipped cream
because you’re my dream
And you’re so refreshing

So when I’m hot, you I crave
Long for your taste
To press you all in my face
Ahhh, the delight you bring
You’re my dream.

A Hot Summer Night

Cool drinks for refreshing
The fruits of summer to eat
A nice breeze to cool the degrees
Candles to make the bugs flee
Background music playing softly
All else I need is you near me
To make the hot summer night complete

We could talk the night away
Even if nothing important to say
How was your day, are folks ok
Or, how I love you more each day
Perhaps to the music we can sway
Or, card games we can play

Relax by the poolside
Eat dinner by the moonlight
Many things to do come to mind
But the most important is spending time
On a hot summer night
With the love of my life.


I feel the void
You haven’t been showing the usual attention
Drifting away? I thought forever you’d stay
But my love for you won’t go away

What’s going on?
You doing me wrong
But I can’t stay mad too long
Because my love for you goes on and on.

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